Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Did you do something memorable to bring in the New Year?

Did you do something pleasantly memorable to bring in the New Year?

I'd like to think my days of doing regrettably memorable things for the New Year are far in the past.  So far, so good, I must say.

In honor of the rare New Years Eve Blue Moon, we snowshoed out into the subzero temps to fully experience and celebrate the frosty glow.  Even the dogs frolicked in the cold snow.

It was difficult to get decent photos - my fingers darn near froze off.  Naked hands for photography did not work so very well.  I finally had to give it up and be satisfied with what I had.

Do you think, in 19 years when there is another New Years Eve full moon, Girl of the House will remember the bright, cold snowshoeing celebration she had when she was 14?  Will she tell the story?  Will it be pleasantly memorable?

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Guinifer said...

Yes! (to the memory part...)