Sunday, July 26, 2009

Paul and I took a walk in the Carleton Arboretum today while Girl of the House was at the pool.

The prairie is full of blooming flowers.

I really need to find out the names of all the varieties.

This was one we hadn't seen before.

Do you know what they are?

Turns out, they're the seed heads of the yellow echinacea.

(At least, I think they're echinacea?)

I finished spinning and plying four ounces of merino from Chameleon Colorworks.

240 yards. I didn't think I liked the colors in the roving, but I like it now that it's all spun up.

Reminds me that fall is coming...


Rani said...

I. ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. THAT. COLOR!!!!! It's gorgeous! Do you have a picture of the roving?

I have a wild flower book but I left it up north! sorry.

Guinifer said...

That green yarn is absolutely yummy.

Kaur said...

beautifull color!

RuthieJ said...

That first flower is the Purple Prairie Clover. I know where there are some blooming by me and I need to go out and collect some seeds from them this fall because I think they're such a neat looking flower and I'd love to have some growing in the backyard.