Sunday, July 12, 2009


We are so overwhelmed with the quality/quantity of our CSA. It's the best thing we've done, nutrition-wise, for years!

We pick up on Wednesdays, so we're ready for the weekend.

Here's what we picked up last Wednesday:

Cabbage, carrots, yellow and green string beans, sugar snap peas (all you cared to pick), shelling peas, beets, strawberries (all you cared to pick), scallions, zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, broccoli, kale, swiss chard, head lettuce, and mixed greens.

There were a number of fresh herbs, too.
However, we've got herbs growing here at home, so I didn't take any.


How do three people possibly eat all this? I've been carrying a gorgeous salad for my lunch most every day.

Truth be told, this is more veg than Girl of the House can handle. "Beets? Again?"

And flowers! All the flowers you would like, to make a bouquet. Isn't that a lovely addition?

GotH arranged this beauty.

Our potatos are flourishing in their bags on the deck.

I'd never seen potato flowers before.

Have you?

This weekend I did some dyeing of the Coopworth fleece I picked up in May.

I washed the fleece in June. It filled this big tub.

This is about 22 ounces of the huge fleece. I estimate I have more than five pounds left.

It's been nice weather, so it was great to work outdoors with the dyeing.


coleen~ said...

glad that your weekend was relaxing. The potato flowers are pretty. I haven't seen them since I was little and kinda forgot what they looked like. WIll they get multi-colored?

love to all!

Rani said...

Oh, I'm sooooo jealous! Look at all that yumminess! My potatoes DO NOT look good, but the taters TASTE good.

Pretty flowers!

Guinifer said...

So I can't help wondering, what do potato flowers smell like?

coleen~ said...

My new thing with beets are to scrub them, run them thru a mandolin and then dehydrate them. they are sweet little chips! Have to keep them airtight or they don't stay quite so crispy.

RuthieJ said...

Your produce looks delicious--especially the strawberries!
I love your dyed yarn. Are you going to spin each color separately or blend them?