Thursday, April 2, 2009

17 inches of snowfall

The final word on the snowfall at Tofte was 17 inches.

It was an amazing change of scenery!

It drifted in around the truck. We had to excavate a bit to load it up and get home.

For the remainder of spring break, Girl of the House and I are working on her room.

Now that she's thirteen, she needs an updated room.

(What she really needed was a deep cleaning and de-cluttering, but we're calling it an 'updating'. It's all in the phrasing, isn't it?)

We carried everything out of the room, and we're placing the 'keepers' on this sheet in the family room.

I guess Paris must think he's a keeper.


Guinifer said...

My Uncle, who lives in Silver Bay, has been in a hospital for a few weeks. I was going to take my mom up to visit him this week - now I'm glad we decided to wait for nicer weather! (Uncle is recovering well.)

Rani said...

oohhooohoohoo. Paris is DEFINITELY a keeper!

DECLUTTERING YEAH! (i'm going through the same thing except my whole darn messy house!)

Thanks for your kind comments over there on my little old blog. It really meant a lot.

Kaur said...

Tofte is an name of places you will find all over Norway along the coast... Maybe some imigrants have used their influnce?

It't was quite a diplomatic word for cleaning up the room. (I recall to have used quite a diffrent reference to the kids rooms... ;-)

Ellen said...

Good luck on the continued cleanliness of that room - I've heard boys are messy but so far, that's not the case at our house.