Monday, April 6, 2009

20 Acres One Sheep?

Girl of the House had one last spring break day of freedom. She returns to school tomorrow.

As she had the day off, she made the supper tonight.

Her first meatloaf.

She didn't care much for the actual mixing of the ingredients.

I've been suffering from a lack of ambition.

No-one likes to go back to work after a mini-vacation, do they?

I've done a little of this

A little of that

And a bit more of that other thing.

(This one actually got finished.)

Temporarily, we are no longer 20AcresNoSheep.

We are 20AcresOneSheep. And a BlackSheep, at that!

Many thanks to Coleen and Harlan.


Rani said...

Congrats on the meatloaf.

I love that every button is a different color on that wee sweater.

Guinifer said...

That's a yummy looking meatloaf!