Monday, June 25, 2007

Back from camping! socks done, shawl almost!

We made it to Temperance River State Park Thursday evening around 9:30. Luckily, we got a campsite. Our campsite was in our favorite part of the park, the lower campground. You can hear Lake Superior waves falling on the shore from every campsite. We didn't get a site right on the water, but we were only a short walk away.

This is the view of the lower campground from out on the rocks, across the Temperance River.

I worked on the Paisley Lace shawl a bit in the truck on the way up, and started doing the picot bindoff at the campsite. It's a very pretty bindoff, but definitely not "knit-in-the-truck" material. Bind off 3 stitches, cast on 3, bind them off - continue. As the shawl ended with 816 stitches around, it's a bit putzy. I've got one half of the stitches done. Should finish this week!

So, because I couldn't work on the shawl on the 5 hour ride home, I finished my Lorna's Laces socks! To recap - Lorna's Lace's in Purple Club Shepherd Sock. Generic toe up, short row heel on 64 stitches. Foot on size 0, leg on size 1 needles. K3, P1 ribbing throughout. Cast on April 15, finished June 24. (boy, that's a LONG time - I have to remind myself they're just my carry along project)

I started my next carry along - I'm going to make socks out of the sundyed superwash merino I just finished spinning. I cast on 64 stitches on size 2 needles and began K2,P2 ribbing. I may rip out and go fewer stitches - It will reveal itself to me, no doubt!

I bought this cool stoneware mug at the campstore. I love stoneware! Every morning when we're camping, we get up, make coffee and cocoa and go drink it, sitting quietly in the prettiest place we can walk to - usually overlooking water somewhere. We carry a small thermos, and drink out of our stoneware mugs. Now we have a cool mug for the Girl of the House (GotH).

Speaking of GotH, here she is on one of our rock climbing treks this weekend.

Friday, we did the hiking club trail, and meandered about on the hills by the Temperance river. It was lovely and cool, just mid 60s.

Saturday, we boulder hopped down the shore for about a mile. It was cool again, mid 60s.

Sunday, we boulder hopped up the shore for a half mile or so. Just in the 50s.

When we left, it was 58 degrees in our campground. We got on the road around noon, and within 30 miles, it was 85 degrees! We stopped 2 places and did some geocaching. I imagine we looked a bit strange getting out of the truck wearing our sweatshirts and jeans, the first time we stopped...

A quick photo of one of the fabulous breakfasts Paul makes for us every morning. Here is hashbrowns, eggs on top, with cheese and salsa. He makes some great Texas toast on the grill, and this day we had bacon. A plateful, eh!? We generally just have a snack for lunch, and then he grills up some equally great suppers.

We had a terrific time, everything went so smooth. Temperance is one of our favorite parks, and we're planning to head back in September.


Rebecca said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! I can't even imagine hearing waves from a 'lake'......obviously, I've never seen the Great Lakes! And, it is fun to see how lowlanders camp without any mountains around. Lovely views! Great looking breakfast, too! And, of course the knitting looks fabulous!

Lorraine said...

My, have you made me so want to go camping. Alas, my DH's idea of roughing it is a Holiday Inn. What a beautiful area to vacation in. We'll have to check it out - especially if they have a resort.

Oh, and BTW, LOVE the colors in the sock and the shawl. Yummmm!

lbquilts said...

what a great vacation! isn't it great to be out enjoying the wonderful scenery (and having your 'built-in' cook w/you?!!) we have a shi tzu/bichon cross also my step-daughter's family...Zoey..
they are adorable! one question... where do you find the progress chart for your knitting projects? i've seen it on several blogs. i'm into socks (Christmas Fairisle at the moment) and hope to make my 1st shawl this summer! thanks!