Friday, June 1, 2007

New cast


Girl of the House had her long arm cast removed this week. Now she has this snazzy, tie dyed short arm cast! She's got a lot more mobility, and most importantly, she can play soccer again! Her team played their third game last evening, and she finally got to play. It has gore-tex padding so she can even swim in it. During school yesterday, they had the end of the year school patrol party at the pool. She pronounced this cast "very swimmable".

The other mama cat brought her kittens up to the steps to join the crowd. We now have ten kittens living under the steps!

Girl of the House is in charge of getting them socialized. They are all five weeks old now.

Nobody has names yet. We need to check out their personalities before they can be named.

Our favorite kitten came in to play. He was too busy to get any better picture than this one...

This kitten was easier to settle down to snuggle.

I had a May goal to run of an average of 3 miles a day. I fell short by a smidge. I made 90.2 miles. In June, I'd like to average 3.5 miles/day. No race goals this summer, just keeping active, you know? I'll keep a running total here.

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