Friday, June 15, 2007

Too hot, too busy...

We've been on the run lately. I was on call last weekend. I work in the OR of the local hospital, and every seventh weekend I'm on call for emergency surgeries from Friday afternoon til 7 Monday morning. These could be c-sections, appendectomies, bone fractures, and several other things. So I have to stick pretty close to home - my required response time to the hospital is 20 minutes. It was actually a pretty quiet weekend, I only had to go in to work once. Gotta love that!

Girl of the House (GotH) has us running during the weekday evenings. Soccer practice twice a week, and games twice a week. By the time we run all over, there only seems to be time for supper and then off to bed. Not much time for fiber...

Here's my Paisley Lace Shawl, waiting patiently in the basket. I have done a few more rows here and there. I finished the border, and now have to begin the picot bind-off. Probably won't get to it til Sunday evening, though!

It's been so hot here, upper 80s with dew points in the 60s. Terribly tropical for Minnesota! I haven't been running outside, and while I can do the treadmill, I really dislike it. So, between being on call, and the heat, I skipped a whole week. I did go for a run today after work. 6.3 miles, very slowly. Run 10 minutes, walk a minute - that was the only tolerable way in this heat. I think the dog didn't mind the walk breaks, either! 40.3 miles this month. Now my average is falling! Last week I had 34 miles for the month, so from almost 5 miles a day, I've fallen to less than 3. Gotta catch up!!!

It helps that I can run in the arb. Temp has to be 5 degrees cooler in there. Here's a picture of one of my paths. I took this in mid May - it's even greener now.

Little Chip continues to be a pretty good little guy. I think he is managing to train his people to let him out often enough - not many wet messy puppy accidents.

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Rebecca said...

Oh how I remember muggy runs! That is a good plan though - 10 minutes, walk 1. The only way I can do the treadmill is if there is something I really want to watch on t.v. I only walk these days and I only walk 3-4 miles at that. I miss those jogging days!