Saturday, June 22, 2013

Class Knitting

I drove to Colorado to stay with Ben and Bekky while I take a nursing informatics class in Boulder.

Yup, drove to Colorado to sit in a windowless conference room for 18 hours.

It was an excellent class, but my days of being attentive during extended lectures are long gone. I made it through half of the first day before I started to nod off.
However, I am able to be attentive (by which I mean stay awake) when my hands are busy.
This led to knitting.  
(Imagine that.)

Nice garter stitch knitting that doesn't require attention. 
I probably made more eye contact with the instructors than anyone else in the room.

3S Shawl in Knitting Fever's Painted Desert yarn.

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Ellen said...

Very nice! I'm getting a little knitting fever right now while I finish a quilt.