Saturday, January 5, 2013

Foiled, yet again

A quick pair of Hiroshige mittens, originally to be knit as a Christmas gift for a friend.  

I grabbed Dale of Norway Heilo, three balls from my stash.  The rust color no longer had a ball band.  It appeared to be a complete ball and the pattern called for 50 grams (one ball).

I ran out of rust as I neared the tip of the mitten.  The thumbs are also incomplete.  Not a complete ball, eh?  I should have known better!

How hard could it be to determine the color and order more?  Apparently, VERY hard!   Determining the color looking at my computer monitor has brought me these four colors, none of them correct.  Knitting out of stash yarn has ended up forcing the purchase of five more balls of yarn.  Sigh...

I've got a line on one last color.  We'll see if this last possibility will be right.  Here's hoping!

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