Sunday, January 29, 2012

End of 2011

Better late than never!

We headed out to Grand Targhee, WY for our annual ski trip over the last week of December 2011.
It was one of the few ski areas in the country that actually had snow.

We skied.

We snowshoed. 
(is that a word?)

I had lots of road time for knitting.
Multnomah shawl

Birthday Cowl  (kindly modeled by Luna Frypan)

And I mean we had lots of road time as we drove to Grand Targhee.
And then drove to Denver to see Ben and Bekky!
Through NW Wyoming.

Through South Central Wyoming.
I love these windmills.

Had I mentioned Ben and Bekky were married in July?
No, I didn't think so.
It was marvelous!

They're living in Denver now and we miss them so much!
We spent a few days with them, celebrating the holiday and playing games.
Card games and xbox games.  Yay for fun xbox kinect games!

2800 miles,  8 states, 10 days.
Sounds relaxing, doesn't it?
We enjoyed every minute.

Let's see if I can't keep a bit more up to date, eh?


Rani said...

Fun update.

We are heading to Montana end of March and I'm not sure if there will be enough snow to ski by then. It will be so warm and without a base. . . Well. Like you did - there is always the snowshoeing (we'll make it a word).

Bekky said...

Hooray for updates, trips, and winter fun!