Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Only one child to drive about, thank goodness!

I've been lucky in my life.
While I do have two children, they are separated by eight years.

During their busy active years, I've only had to drive one child around at a time.

Props to everyone driving more than one child from activity to activity!  
You are far far better people than I.

This is as busy as I care to be.
Particularly in the winter.

High School Ski Team.
Weekend Ski Development Team.
Weekend Indoor Soccer Games.

All of these activities occur at least 30 miles from our home.

This past weekend the race was at Wild Mountain.

Sunday soccer at the Soccer Blast.
Drive, Drive, Drive.

Luckily, Girl of the House has her driving permit.
She's eligible to take her drivers test in May.

On the knitting front, a fun little baby sweater for a coworkers baby girl.

Cascade Pacific - a washable wool and acrylic blend.
Quite possibly my most favorite baby sweater to knit.
Quick and no seaming.

Two posts in January!


coleen~ said...

Yes, driving kids all over would be a bit overwhelming to me. Our friends have 3 kids and they are limited to only 2 activities...still...6 places to go!

The sweater is so cute!

Rani said...

HAAAHahaha. I was just telling a girlfriend about my driving schedule tonight!
school pick-up
home drop-off
choir drop off
ski team pick up
choir pick up
hockey drop off
MY GOSH! (i do a lot a books on tape)

Cutey patooty sweater!

Guinifer said...

Cute sweater!

Mine won't be sixteen until August. Luckily some of friends now drive, so I only have to drive him around half of the time now!