Monday, October 18, 2010

Mountain spindling

 This summer we had a lovely week camping in the mountains of Wyoming and Montana.  

No, not Yellowstone.  We hid out in several National Forest Service campgrounds in the Bighorns and the Absarokas.

Even though it was late July, the slopes were still full of flowers.

It was an amazing time.

Even though we were just across the mountain pass from where the bear killed a man and mauled another woman while they were asleep in tents.

We didn't hear about that til we were home.

Yeeks!  Made me happy we don't sleep in a tent!

While camping, I spindled up this four ounce bump of merino/bamboo fiber.

I kept looking at the mountains, and then the fiber, and back to the mountains.  The colors were perfect:  sky blues, high meadow grass green and the color of the mountain rock.

This may need to be woven into a scarf, full of mountain memories.

1 comment:

Rani said...

That is horrible (about the bear, not the yarn).

Really pretty pictures of the flowers.