Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Freeze?

The weather service says it's going to freeze tonight.  I could have told you that.  Want to know how?

We have two hibiscus plants on our deck.  They come in the house and suffer through the winter.  The pink hibiscus gets happy right away when it goes back outside and produces beautiful blooms all summer.

The yellow hibiscus produced its first bloom today.   Just before the frost tonight.  

Oh yeah, I knew it would freeze tonight...

Baby booties for a soon to be mom. Undeclared baby gender.

I'd put these on a girl baby, wouldn't you?  Blue isn't just for boys, and the variegation helps, eh?

Reassure me.

These are from one of my most favorite bootie patterns:  Christine's Baby Booties.  They're a good use for sock yarn leftovers. 

(And I've got a bin full of those.)


Rani said...

I'd most certainly put those baby boots on a girly girl. They could go either way.

You know . . . my pink hibiscus only had one bloom this summer and it was in September. strange.

Guinifer said...

I can see those blue booties on a baby girl - especially matching those newborn blues!

Gina said...

They are lovely and I would put them on a girl. Hope you enjoyed the beautiful fall day.