Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gardening simple and dirty

On Sunday Paul and Girl of the House did the real work in the vegetable garden planting peppers and tomatoes.

I took the easier path.

Putting the flower pot in the porch chair.

Potting the herbs and patio tomatos.

Planting the potatoes in our new 'decorative' potato pots.

Guess there was a reason they weren't pictured on the website?!

They're made of a pressed synthetic felt.

Well, I'm still looking forward to the potatoes and the multicolored potato flowers!

The high point of the day?

Bathing the dog after he took a full-frontal shot of skunk in the face.

Funny, he wouldn't hold a nice pose for a post-bath photo.

The day ended with a game of full-contact basketball.

Yeah, I'd rather take the pictures...


Rani said...

Oh oh oh! I love garden stuff. What kind of tomatoes?

Sounds like a good Mother's Day weekend. Full of family, gardening and fun.

coleen~ said...

Full frontal...yuk!!!! Did you manage to get all of the stench off??? With what? We still smelled the Khakster after a month or so of a non-frontal attack! Poor GotH for getting to sleep with him! Poor girl!

love ya!

Unknown said...

I need to get my patio plants going. Thanks for the reminder. It looks like it was a good day (minus the skunk).

coleen~ said...

hey, we just heard about layering potato gardening. put a sak like that and put about 6" of dirt. plant potatoes. when the sprouts come thru, plant another 6" or so. keep doing that until they are done, I guess. We may try this.....