Monday, February 5, 2007

The CPH, she is finished!

Finished on Saturday, January 27th. I used 7 hanks of the Tahki tweed. It fits looser than I intended. I did want it to wear as an outdoor sweater, but I made it for the size I was last year, I guess...

I enjoyed knitting it, and would consider making another, more fitted version.

I've been wearing it quite a bit this week. It's been quite cold in MN - a high of -4F today!

I immediately cast on for this Dale of Norway hat. Finished it Sunday evening, Feb 4. I wanted an earflap hat for our outdoor walks. Claire is a much better model than I. The pattern is from the Nagano olympic sweater pattern.

I joined the Dale of Norway knitalong group on yahoo, and wanted to swatch with Brown Sheep Naturespun Worsted wt as a substitute for the Heilo. I like knitting with the Heilo, but I'm looking for a cornflower blue, unavailable in Heilo. Turns out this (butterfly blue) isn't quite the color, either. It's a bit too purple. The fabric and stitches per inch is what I'm looking for, though. Now, to narrow down the color choice!


Pam said...

Congratulations on finishing the CPH! It looks great -- and congratulations on being a smaller size than last year, if I understand you right.

I love the hat -- good luck with finding a blue -- if Naturespun works, would Cascade 220?

tiennieknits said...

Beautiful job! I only used 7 skeins too so I had plenty left over for some hats. Your hat is very nice too!

Congrats on being smaller too.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! A friend just finished hers and wore it Sunday. Now I will have to seriously consider making one. I taught her to graft the hood also. Much nicer finish I think.

Rebecca said...

Your CPH is lovely. I think I'm knitting mine in the same Takhi color! Do you mind if I ask how you picked your size. You say it is a little large. How do you think the measurements in the pattern compare to real life measurements?