Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Since my birthday in September, I have been trying to spin everyday.  So far I've been successful.  I even took a spindle when we backpacked the North Shore in September.

I've found that spindling has been the easiest way to keep on top of this resolution.  Many nights I pull out the spindle when the 10pm news is on.  (mostly because I forget until then)

I've been spinning fine.  Perhaps a bit too fine.  I'm not really sure what I'll do with 800 yards of lace weight purple merino? 

But it's soft and pretty and I'm very happy just petting it for now.

We've been hosting bees from Homestead Apiaries for the past few summers.  It's always a pleasure to walk up in the pasture and see the hives and hear the hum of the bees.

We just received our reward bounty.  Lots and lots of honey!  Maybe we'll make some mead this winter?

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