Sunday, January 18, 2015

Facebook and Ravelry ate my blog

Has it eaten yours?  With the time I spend on Facebook and Ravelry, I just haven't had the ambition to update my blog.

Let's see if I can improve in 2015.

I've got one mitten project finished.  These are a gift for Paul's cousin.  She sits with our dogs when we can't take them on trips.  But her real loves are feline.

Pattern is Moggies by Barbara Gregory.  

We had an amazing trip over the Christmas holiday.  For many years, we've been going to Grand Targhee with our children and this year we were joined by Paul's brother and wife.  It was our turn to have Ben and Bekky for the holiday, too.  We skied downhill and cross country.  We snowshoed.  We took an incredible flight over the Tetons, in a small plane.

Ben, Bekky and Claire

Our family

Don't look, Claire!

The views on this flight were unbelievable.  We flew over the Driggs valley, Jackson Hole, the Grand Teton, Teton National park and back over the Tetons to view Grand Targhee's ski area.  It was just us and the pilot, who gave a terrific informative tour.  I highly recommend Teton Aviation.

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coleen~ said...

It was a great time! Thanks for the invite.