Saturday, May 28, 2011

The kittens are down

The kittens have come to ground.  Mama cat Yasmine has placed them under the steps.  They DO like to come out and nap in the sunshine - much better than being under the cool dark steps!

There was a question of how we knew the kittens were in the tree.  We saw mama cat climbing the tree on a regular basis, so we had to wonder why?

I'd have loved to see her bringing those babies down, wouldn't you?

This year the babies have W names.

This is Willis.

This is Willow.

(Wyoming was too shy for a picture this morning.)


Guinifer said...

Love, love, love kitties. I love the little "M" on the forehead of Willow.

Rani said...

Is Wyoming for sale!?!?!?

Unknown said...

Wyoming reminds me of my own kittie Sonya. She's lighter underneath (more buff than white), but has strong stripes on her cheeks, legs, and tail. And her belly has spots. :)

lorrwill said...

Love the kittens. How are they doing now? And the indoor cats and the dogs and you and the family and the knitting and, and, and???

(Your blog is awesome. I would be very grateful for an update.)