Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bluefin Bay for spring break 2010

For the second year in a row, we've headed to the north shore of Lake Superior to Bluefin Bay.  Once again, Girl of the House and Ben have different spring breaks.  However, they overlap on the weekend, so Ben and Bekky have joined us for the final weekend of their college break.

It's drizzly and cold (36˚) but we've got a wood fire in the fireplace, good tunes on the stereo and games, books, jigsaw puzzles and knitting to keep us entertained.  

Well, OK, the knitting only entertains me.

I've got a lovely view and a comfy chair in my knitting spot.


coleen~ said...

sounds lovely! Hi to everyone. We worked at the community garden and our front yard today. Should work on the back but I think I'm out of motivation~
love you!

Guinifer said...

I have family up there in Silver Bay, somehow we just never seem to head that direction. It's so beautiful.

Knitbitz said...

Lake Superior is an awesome location for Spring Break! I spent many years up in Gran Marais. Blue Fin Bay is another of my fave places. Enjoy !