Saturday, August 23, 2008

We went to the State Fair

And I bought fiber! (imagine that!)

Paul and I have been to the Minnesota State Fair every year since 1992. It was our second official date.

We spent Friday at the fair. We go early, we eat, drink, and spend the day people watching. Traditionally, we don't buy anything we need to carry.

However, this pretty little ball of dyed fiber was calling out to me. It's 8 oz of "roving of sheep of unknown parentage" from HoneyGold Acres.

Ben's gone this week. He's in the Boundary Waters with his girlfriend and her family.

Before he left, he talked Paul into making a quick trip back to Camp Pepin. He needed to pick up his sailboat!

He rescued an sailboat from the camp, and wasn't able to get it home on his Jeep. The boat hadn't been used for a few years, and needs a few repairs.

Yes, every college student (in Iowa, well known for its lakes) needs a sailboat!

I got him to model his new hat before he left.

He likes to wear it turned up. "Looks more like a sailing cap, mom."

Girl of the House models the latest orange handspun hat.

Ben's hat is big enough to cover his ears for winter, should he ever flip the cuff down.

I spent last weekend doing some sundyeing.

The roving is alpaca.

The locks are from a white Coopworth fleece I found hiding deep in my stash. It was filthy dirty with lots of second cuts.

It took longer to wash than it did to card and spin!

It did make a nifty textured yarn, though. The locks are the blue on the left and the strange color on the top.

I plied the Colorado spindling yarn and the merino/silk.

I see more hats in my near future.

A few more pictures from Colorado. We camped in three different campgrounds: one high in the mountains (11,300 ft), one on a beautiful mountain stream, and one on a large reservoir.

A lot of variety within one area!

We had some great morning coffee spots.

This was our early morning view in the Slumgullion National Forest Service campground. We watched the sun rise on the mountains.

When the dogs are still adjusting to the time zone change, you are forced to rise early!

Our favorite campsite was at Gate Bureau of Land Management campground. Only 8 campsites, and $5 per night.

Here's the view from the camper doorway.

Definitely our favorite coffee spot!

For our final night, we camped at Stevens Creek National Park Service campgrounds on the Blue Mesa Reservoir.

Not much shade, but the views were amazing.

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Lorraine said...

Wow, so envious of the beautiful camping site. We'll hopefully get one more trip in this fall.

BTW, you've got me in the mood to finish flicking & washing the fleece I picked up at Shepherd's Harvest before it gets too cold.